Episode 5: Talking to Doula Natalie Meddings


In today’s episode I am joined by doula, yoga teacher & author, Natalie Meddings. Natalie has a wealth of information about birth & today we discuss the benefits of having your baby at home & who truly holds the responsibility for your birth. Natalie is the author of How to have a baby & Why home birth matters, which are both available online & well worth a read. 

The Marvel Birth Podcast is hosted by hypnobirthing teacher, doula & opera singer, Catrine Rogers & every other week features the Marvel Birth Playlist, where her guests choose their favourite music pieces from the world of birth to share with you.

The Marvel Birth Podcast theme music was specially commissioned by Catrine for the podcast & was created by composer David Eaton. If you need any more information you can find me on Instagram here: @marvel.birth and Natalie here: @natalie_meddingsdoula.