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Is Hypnobirthing mind control like on the TV?

Not at all, there are no pocket watches or 'look into my eyes' moments, you are completely in control of yourself at all times. To be honest the hypnosis part of hypnobirthing is completely self lead, you learn the theory, tools and excercises to use during your labour so that you can allow your body to do what it knows how to do without your mind getting in the way. It's nice and straight forward, just takes a bit of practise.

Is it only Hypnobirthing you teach on the course or do we learn about pregnancy & birth in general?

Absolutely. I will give you all the information you need to be able to navigate your pregnancy and birth like a boss. Knowing how birth works, what your rights are and what happens when can help you feel more confident and able to trust the process. Birth can feel a bit like a run away train if you've got no idea what to expect, so we cover as much as possible on the course. The added bonus is you get loads of useful, practical hypno tools to help you during pregnancy and birth.

Do you support LGBTQ+ families?

I sure do. I've supported same sex couples and have taken specific training to better support families who identify as LGBTQ+. It's something I'm hugely passionate about and know how difficult it can be to navigate, an already biased, maternity system. Knowing your rights and some of the pitfalls by taking an inclusive birth prep course can really help & I would love to help you.

When is a good time to start a hypnobirthing course?

You can start anytime after your 12 week scan but most people like to start after they've reached 21 weeks. The course itself is 4 weeks so as long as you've got time to complete the course before your due date, it's not too late to learn some wicked birth skills.

Do you teach birth partners too?

Absolutely! It's actually as important for birth partners to feel prepared as it is for the birthing person. I'll set you up as a team so you can work together. As a birth partner it can feel a bit scary and after you've done a course partners feel more confident now they've got some tools in their tool kit to help their partner. Have a little read of this testimonial from birth partner Holly about her experience supporting her wife during birth.

Do I really need to plan for my postnatal period?

Many people don't & lots of stories about how people struggled in those early days. You can of course read one of the many books out there but you may feel more confident talking to me about your unique situation. There is so much conflicting information out there is can really muddle your thinking. When you work with me we will tailor your plan to suit you and your family. Why is it a good idea then? Well, because generally people spend so much time and money preparing the birth, you can forget to set yourself up for parenthood. We will go through many of the options available to you, discuss what to expect of your baby & yourself and work out a plan to support you during this amazing time

What does a postnatal doula do?

Postnatal Doulas focus on you as a new parent, with kindness and non judgemental compassion. Everyone tends to focus on the baby after you give birth but we are there for you. As your postnatal doula I come to your home after you've had your baby to support you in any way you want really. I can come and cook for you, do light housework, bring you tea and toast in bed, put away laundry or just be a friendly ear to listen to your birth story or any concerns you may have. Every family is different and I am trained to support you as an individual.

What is the difference between Reflex Touch & Reflexology

Reflex Touch is based on the same priciples as Reflexology but it uses a light touch. Instead of vigourously massaging the feet, reflex touch is so gentle, it allows you to fully relax and even slip into a light sleep or meditative state while the treatment does the job of working on the issues that you might have in your body. If you like having your feet rubbed it can be so relaxing and can help with numerous physical aches and pains while keeping you in a place of calm.

Are you medically trained?

No. I have completed a diploma in anatomy and physiology as a part of my Reflex Touch training but I am not qualified to offer any form of medical advice in any of the services I provide. I can offer you support and signpost you in the direction of information so that you feel more prepared when you have conversations with your medical care providers. I also truly believe that birth is a natural process but sometimes medical intervention is needed. My job is to help you feel comfortable with your choices no matter which direction your birth might take.

Have any questions I've not answered here?

Feel free to book a free 30 minute chat with me here:

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