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Doula at Home

Birth Doula Services

A Doula provides continuous emotional, physical & informational support to women & birthing people before, during & after birth.

Having a doula with you during birth

  • reduces the need for painkillers or epidural during birth

  • reduces the rate of induction of labour

  • reduces the rate of cesarean birth

  • increases your chances of a shorter labour

Check out the different packages I offer & feel free to book a free 30 minute chat HERE.

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Birth Doula Package


  • two 2 hour antenatal sessions

  • creating your birth plan

  • newborn care

  • supporting breastfeeding

  • on-call 24 hour in person support for labour from 38 weeks to birth

  • birth debrief

  • 2 postnatal visits



Virtual Doula Package


  • creating your birth plan 

  • newborn care 

  • supporting breastfeeding  

  • on-call remote support for labour & birth during the day (8am-8pm) from 38 weeks to birth

  • birth debrief

  • 6 weeks remote support post-birth


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Doula Plus Hypnobirthing

Standard Birth Doula Package plus full Way of the Koi Hypnobirthing course.


  • 5 hypnobirthing MP3s

  • Way of the Koi Workbook

  • £10 off Postnatal Planning workshop

  • Invitation to the Marvel Birth Moral Support Facebook Group.


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