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Baby Loss Awareness Week

This week is a really difficult week so many people touched by this difficult issue so myself & doula Michele Misgalla are hosting a gathering on Thursday 14 October,

8:30-9:30pm via Zoom. To recognise the importance of community in supporting those touched by baby loss we will hold space to remember these babies and honour their souls and stand united in love and peace.

Whether you've experienced baby loss or are close to someone who has, all are welcome to tune in online for an hour of quiet contemplation, meditation and reflection. Stay for a few minutes or the full hour, share your experience or settle in silence, feel free to give as much or as little input as you like during our time together.

We will hold a safe, comforting space for everyone, bringing an end to our silent grief and sorrow. Through sharing and holding space together, we hope to bring light to this sensitive but important life experience that can often live in our shadow.

The hour will end with a gentle meditation and guided relaxation to honour the babies who aren't with us but live forever in our hearts.

You can sign up here:

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