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Episode 4 of the Marvel Birth Podcast is here!!

After a little break (!) I'm back this week with the latest episode of the Marvel Birth Podcast.

This week I'm talking to NHS Midwife & hypnobirthing teacher Aly Chiarion.

If you've wondered, what will happen when I arrive at the hospital in labour, can you change your midwife if you don't get on & what happens when you decline anything that is suggested then this episode is for you.

Aly is an experienced midwife working in an NHS hospital & has some great tips for getting the best out of your health professionals.

Have a listen & if you've got any other questions about what to expect when working with your midwife, let me know in the comments.

P.S. the Covid guidance in this episode is correct at the time of recording but check with your local hospital what their current guidelines are as they differ from hospital to hospital.

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