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The Brand New Marvel Birth Podcast

I'm very excited to announce that my brand new podcast is now available on Buzzsprout.

This week I am joined by Independent Midwife, Homeopath & antenatal educator Rene Bozier. In this episode we talk about all things independent midwifery & physiological birth. What that means, what the difference between an independent midwife & an NHS midwife is & much more.

The Marvel Birth Podcast also features the Marvel Birth playlist which is a specially created playlist of tracks to listen to during pregnancy & birth. Every other week my guest from the previous week chooses a piece of music for the list & it's available for you to listen to on Spotify.

As a musician myself, I know the power of music during pregnancy & birth. I've even commissioned a specially composed theme tune by my good friend & composer David Eaton.

I'll be releasing a brand new episode every other week with the bonus mini episode between.

I would love to know what you think, just leave me a message in the comments.

Enjoy & I'll see you next Friday for the mini episode.

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