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The Marvel Birth Podcast: Pregnancy Nutrition

Hi! I'm super pleased to let you all know that episode 3 of The Marvel Birth podcast is now live & available to listen to wherever you listen to Podcasts.

In this week's episode I'm joined by registered nutritional therapist Jo Leccacorvi (@joleccacorvinutrition) about the best way to support your pregnancy with nutrition.

Jo is a qualified nutritional therapist working with expectant parents & mums to support their bodies with practical, realistic nutritional advice. We'll be talking about why nutrition is important during pregnancy, what the difference is between folic acid & folate, what to do if you have food aversions during pregnancy & much more.

If you're struggling to know what supplements to buy or don't know what good, nutritious foods will most benefit you during pregnancy, then listen in.

What are you currently craving/avoiding? Let me know in the comments.

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