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Welcome to the Marvel Birth Blog!

Hi, I'm Catrine & I'm very new to blogging. However, I do love talking about all things to do with pregnancy, hypnobirthing, babies & postnatal recovery so I hope this blog will give you some tips & tricks to help during this amazing time.

In case you haven't checked out the rest of my website I'll tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Catrine & I live in Bromley with my two children & husband. I have two amazing jobs which I think complement each other but you might think are a very strange combination. I'll try to explain why I think they are a good fit during the course of this blog so keep checking back for more interesting titbits.

So, my jobs: well I trained as an opera singer & graduated with a Masters in Music in 2003 & since then I've been freelancing, singing, acting & generally being silly on stage in lots of different productions. While I was studying I suffered terribly with stress but the one thing which helped was reflexology so I decided to train as a reflexologist when I graduated from music college.

After the birth of my first child I decided to train to teach hypnobirthing after it helped me so much with my birth & it's kind of spiralled out from there as I am now a postnatal doula too.

My experience of stress, birth & performing have really grounded me in the knowledge that the power of the mind is immense when preparing for a performance or birth! This massively informs my birthwork, so to me it feels like a brilliant combination.

Now you've got to know me a bit I hope you'll pop back for more. I'll be giving tips & information about birth, postnatal & breathing (you've got to be good at breathing if you're a singer) over the next few weeks. If you've got any questions just pop me a message or comment below.


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