If you're feeling scared and clueless about birth or parenthood let me give you a hand.
I can help you prepare for birth with practical, evidence based knowledge on one of my hypnobirthing courses,
relax and re-balance with individual reflexology treatments, effectively plan for your postnatal period

and I can be there while you establish yourself as a new family with in person postnatal doula support.


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Way of the Koi Hypnobirthing Courses

Hypnobirthing isn’t new, in fact the techniques enable you to tap in to something that is as old as time itself: our natural ability to give birth. Birth is a normal, healthy physiological process that women are built for, how else has human kind survived for millennia? In order for physiological birth to occur an exquisite interplay of hormones, emotions and physiologic changes need to occur. Unfortunately, society has managed to disrupt this by pathologizing birth.

The Way of the Koi Hypnobirthing course gives you the confidence to negotiate confidently with maternity services and work in partnership with your care givers to create the optimal birth environment. It equips you with lots of resources, simple self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques for maintaining your natural birth state-of-mind; it often surprises people just how practical and simple it is! All course materials including a copy of Mindful Hypnobirthing by Sophie Fletcher, MP3 downloads and ongoing virtual support from me are included in the cost of these courses.

£280 online group course

£400 online 1-2-1 course

Postnatal Planning Course

This course is a little like creating a birth plan but for your postnatal period rather than birth. It's a 1 hour 30 mins private session to discuss what you might like or need during the postnatal period.

Together we will cover self care and recovery, nutrition, what to expect from your baby and your body and what support you might need to help you get set up as a new family.

We will create your postnatal plan developed by postnatal doula Sarah Tessier with all the course support materials, recipe suggestions, a postnatal birth plan template and a support pack of local parenting supporters included.

I'm happy to say that these sessions are still running via zoom due to the pandemic but will be back in person as soon as I am able.


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Postnatal Doula Support

I can provide in person support during your postnatal period (subject to a risk assessment and pandemic permitting) in 2-3 hour chunks to suit your needs. This can include debriefing your birth experience, supporting you with breastfeeding, cooking you a nutritious meal, light domestic help, holding the baby while you sleep, taking the dog for a walk, whatever you need so you are able to recover and adjust to life as a new parent.

Included in this package is a one hour postnatal planning session before your birth (see above for details) and a little goody bag of postnatal treats from me.

A minimum booking of 3 hours is required at booking (not including your postnatal planning session) and if you would like to talk about your needs feel free to book a free no obligation 30 min zoom chat using the link below.

£25 per hour.

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Many women are now choosing to have reflexology throughout their pregnancy and beyond as it can offer many benefits including relaxation, reducing anxiety, generally de-stressing, improving sleep and even helping to start labour.  However you view reflexology there is no doubt that it provides a period of time where you have one to one attention, relaxation and supportive touch in an understanding and non-judgemental  environment. This can help build confidence and give you the time to leave your worries behind.

£50 per hour session

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If you need additional support I am happy to signpost you to recommended postnatal services such as a lactation consultant, placenta specialist, rewind technique, postnatal massage, homeopathy, baby massage, baby first aid, postnatal yoga & closing the bones treatments through the pregnancy and parenting support group I run called PIPS. Please click HERE for more information.

I also offer discounts to LGBTQ+, Marginalised ethnicity families and those struggling with financial harship. If you would like to take a course or book a treatment & feel you cannot afford to, then do still get in touch. I am happy to do a skills swap or discuss a payment plan. I'm here to help if I can. You can book a free 30 minute chat here:

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