What people say......

I’m proud to have supported some amazing families over the years, each with their own unique experience.
It was always my wish to provide each person with tailored support, individual to them in a caring & compassionate way. 
Curious about my clients' experiences? Please take a look at some of their birth stories and experience of working with me.

Catrine has been a godsend from day 1 and we feel so lucky to have found her to support us postnatally.

She has been absolutely brilliant at helping with daily chores like cooking and cleaning, and looking after all of us (including my very energetic 4yro) so that I could focus on bed rest and recovery with my newborn.

She is a natural at her doula role, with her kind, gentle and nurturing nature. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she is full of knowledge on a whole spectrum of topics. I wholeheartedly recommend Catrine to new mums/mums to be, you will never regret the extra support during the life changing phase of having a baby!

-Lucy & Geoff

We saw Catrine on the lead up to our daughters birth. She was amazing. So calm, understanding and knowledgeable! As a two mummy family we felt listened to and understood. She was there all the way though, during with kind thoughtfulness and after with advice and reassurance. We are so grateful to have worked with her during that precious time. Thank you for everything Catrine.

-Holly and Zoe

We absolutely loved our 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Catrine. Not only did we learn hypnobirthing techniques but loads of general info about pregnancy, labour and birth - most of which we didn’t learn elsewhere. The course was informative, honest and helpful. We planned a home water birth but in the end Toby had different plans. When he was a 9 days overdue we were sent for daily monitoring at the hospital and under pressure to be induced. Thanks to Catrine’s course we knew our options and that an induction wasn’t for us. When our home birth slipped away from us we were able to take the time to reconsider our options and decide on a C section. Although it was a million miles from the home birth experience, thanks to Catrine’s preparation it was the perfect calm experience that we wanted. I can’t thank Catrine enough for enabling me to challenge the situation I was presented with and empowering me to get the positive birth experience I wanted. Due to Covid I was on my own for all of the monitoring sessions and had to fight my corner alone. Even if you don’t get to use hypnobirthing techniques in labour the breathing comes in very handy in the tense moments, and I even used it while the epidural was going in. Never underestimate the power of your own mind when properly harnessed. My husband also found the breathing techniques useful, especially when he could not be present. Catrine’s post-natal course was also super helpful. We discussed when to welcome our first visitors and, crucially, let everyone know this in advance. This avoided us being bombarded with visitors after a very stressful week at the hospital and a brand new baby. We also felt empowered to reach out to our “Village” to ask for help. Living far away from family can be difficult and this course definitely helped to manage this.

Thank you Catrine!

-Nicola & Chris

Catrine was such an excellent teacher and really helped us understand all the different aspects of birth, from the different types of breathing and relaxation exercises, through to ensuring we knew our rights and writing an appropriate birth plan. The skills I learned really helped me to stay calm and positive while I was in labour, but also have helped me deal with my anxiety as a new mother.

-Elena and Jeremy

What we learnt gave me and my husband the confidence and knowledge to openly discuss (and challenge when needed) with the medical staff the options we had without feeling that some else was deciding for us. Catrine has been there for me every step of the way, not only for the duration of the course but also afterwards when I needed more information and support before the birth and after. Highly recommended.

-Carolina & Christiano

We feel so lucky to have met Catrine and to have had her be part of our birth journeys.


She is a wonderful, warm and positive presence and a genuine mine of knowledge – truly the ideal person to deliver the wisdom of a system like Way of the Koi.

The emphasis on compassion and “tools, not rules” makes the course very gentle in tone, and also imbues it with a real sense of achievability. We found the material very relatable and non-prescriptive, and the meditative scripts are lovely, especially when narrated by Catrine.


As a mother, the Koi course reawakened in me my excitement for the birthing process for our second baby and alleviated any doubts I had, reminding me that the body is magical and totally capable of this.

-Vicki & Oli

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