Episode 6: Talking to Baby & Toddler sleep supporter Hannah Clapham from Little Nest


In today’s episode I am joined by responsive baby & toddler sleep supporter, Hannah Clapham from Little Nest.

Hannah began supporting local families after a particularly sleep-deprived first year of parenthood when she read everything she could about why a family might be having a hard time with naps and night-times. In 2020 she decided to train in holistic sleep coaching with Lyndsey Hookway and turned her passion into a career.

For people looking for sleep support, there are two comprehensive sleep guides on sale now which feature responsive sleep strategies for both babies and toddlers. These come in both PDF and audio format.

Little Nest also has a number of webinars on specific sleep challenges (from gentle night-weaning to transitioning to childcare) that are available to download. Check @LittleNestSleep for the latest information on each month’s live workshop information too.

The Marvel Birth Podcast is hosted by me, Catrine, a hypnobirthing teacher, doula & opera singer & every other week features the Marvel Birth Playlist, where my guests choose their favourite music pieces from the world of birth to share with you.

I’m lucky enough to know some awesome music people through my work as an opera singer & my good friend David Eaton composed the ace Marvel Birth Podcast theme music.

If you need any more information about Hannah or responsive sleep support you can find her here: @LittleNestSleep & you can find me on ‘the ‘Gram here: @marvel.birth